"Photography is a sophisticated and esoteric medium. The poetic creation itself is the real purpose".

Víctor Santamaría is an award-winning Spanish artist and Industrial Engineer who develops his art in a direct way with a different and unique style, defined by him as Direct Existential Photography.

He gets naturally a real, alive and inspiring photography, without forcing the shooting and through an immediate recognition of the scene; creating a human landscape in a wonderful poetic composition. The person and the environment come together in a fine work impregnated with an inherent romanticism between the individual and his own existence, that invites to a deep reflection.

The fine art has a certificate of authenticity assuring its conservation and archival integrity according to the highest standard. Photographs are printed in limited edition using high-quality fine art canvas and papers with the most beautiful and outstanding results in colours, contrasts and textures. Fine art finishes meet the most exacting requirements in terms of age resistance, durability and moisture protection (museum-quality varnishes).

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